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27 March 2006 @ 09:50 pm
Here is something: some bass-ackwards state somewhere is allowing license plates to be printed with a "Choose Life" slogan, like here they have the "Save the Whales" plate and the Bruins plate and the Red Sox plate and the Mass. DOE plate and the Cape Cod and the Islands plate and the "I'm a Masshole" plate... I hate bumper stickers (I don't care what college you went to or who you voted for and I don't care that your kid is on the Honor roll you elitist prick, nor do I care that you are a big hippie and want to save the rainforest and baby seals but can't actually do anything about it or even form an articulate sentence because you are too burned on peyote and shrooms, so you just post stuff about your causes on your big VW bus) and I despise vanity license plates (MYSTANG, BRNSTBLE, HERTOY... FAQ U), but I can't believe that the state (I believe it is Tennessee) is sanctioning this plate, because you damn well know they are not going to have one that says "Ladies' Choice." Sometimes I really don't know what country I live in anymore, and it is truly frightening.