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05 February 2006 @ 10:05 pm
I review the Super Bowl commercials, part 2  
Ok the Rolling Stones looked like death warmed over. Here we go.

Motorola new PEBL phone: very cool gadget, rather esoteric commercial

Pirate Sharpie commercial: Made me smile. But I find people in theme park costumes to be frightening.

Bud Clydesdale colt pulls the wagon "all by himself": sweet in a pointless sort of way

commercial within a commercial: Fabio is in a gondola, in a fake commercial for shampoo. He goes under a bridge and ages in five seconds into something truly frightening, kind of like Saruman from Lord of the Rings. Same financial company as the kid on the swing from the first half. Very clever, and kudos to Fabio for lampooning himself.

Hummer: Something resembling Godzilla and a giant robot mate and give birth to a Hummer. Gross! But entertaining!

careerbuilder.com: "I work with monkeys" and "I work with jackasses" - not nearly as good as the first one, because there was no Quiet Riot involved, but still amusing.

Toyota Tacoma gets tossed around in the surf: Pshhh, whatever.

Guy with Russian accent's couch catches on fire and he has a song for it on his phone: Very very random.

Degree deoderant "Stunt City:" In an entire city, why is it only the boys who are doing all the stunts? I mean, I know the deoderant is being marketed to men, but you've got to let the girls have some fun too. I was going to say this commercial was cool, but fuck that.

Emerald Nuts: Instead of just the E and the N, they went all the way this time. Nicely done.

Budweiser crowd sign commercial: The middle part of this looks just like a stream of pee.

MacGuyver Mastercard commercial: Awesome.

herestobeer.com: people toasting in different languages + beer = multicultural bonding over common ground.

Ok I'm done.